London's 1st Birthday

I cannot believe London is already one years old! (It seems like I just wrote this.) To celebrate, we had a first birthday party with family and friends. I decided on a theme reflecting two of London's favorite things--milk & cookies. And then maybe I went a little overboard. But it was all so much fun!!
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Back to School

I cannot believe school started today! Where has this Summer gone?! I don't think we got enough pool, park or play time and I'm pretty sure I'm the least ready to get back into a 6am routine. 

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In celebration of back to school, Jordan and I thought it'd be a fun idea to surprise his teacher with a delicious "cake" full of school supplies. Some of the items on his teacher's wish list included: pencils, crayons, glue, notebooks, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. I've heard of many teachers spending some of their own money to purchase items for their class. This was a simple, yet creative way to donate extra supplies to show our appreciation. 

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Happy Back to School! :)



A cake made with love

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We're right in the middle of Celebration Season.

You know, the four months spanning from the second week in June, to the last week of September that contain Lew's birthday, my dad's birthday, my father-in-laws birthday, London's birthday, Jordan's birthday, our anniversary, and a whole lot of cake!

Yesterday just so happened to be my next door neighbor & close friend's birthday. We had a girls night in and I made this yellow butter cake to celebrate her special day. It turned out so well we ate the entire thing. Don't judge us.

The filling was light, airy and not too sweet. The cake was moist, and the fruit garnish made it the perfect summer treat. It was very simple to make & my friend said she could literally taste the love. Delicious and easy? Yes, I will definitely be making this one again soon! If you've ever had the Dessert Rosa at Carrabba's (yummy!!!)- this cake reminds me so much of it!

I used this recipe for the cake and baked it in one 6-inch and one 9-inch round. I halved both cakes, then frosted the inside with:

1 8oz Cool Whip
1 can crushed pineapple (drained)
1 3.5oz vanilla pudding mix
1 cup milk

Just mix it all together and stick it in the fridge for 45 minutes or so to let it thicken up. Then spread the goodness all over! And if you have any filling left, you can totally use it as fruit dip like I did. Guilty. Top with fruit (we had berries on hand, but I'm thinking bananas or even peaches next time) and enjoy!




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I had my stretchy pants ready all week for Saturday. It was the Atlanta Street Food Festival, & the foodie in me had to go. We left our house around 2:30 after London woke up from his nap and didn't get anywhere near the festival until close to 4! Traffic was awful, there was nowhere to park, and when we finally found a spot nearby, they started towing!! London also made it very clear that he was tired of being strapped in his carseat; not to mention it was 200  91 degrees outside. Thank God Lew was there to talk some sense into me, because I was a little too determined to get to that festival--those meatball sliders were calling my name. 

Jordan was just excited as I was to go to the festival. A love for good food is one of the many things that we have in common. So Mr. Jordan, being the problem solver that he is, had the genius idea of putting on a Street Food Festival of our own- the "Lampley" Street Food Festival (don't you just love him?!). We set up in the back of Lew's truck, made a sign, and started serving up the good eats! The menu consisted of Mac-n-cheese grilled cheese sandwiches, loaded french fries & rootbeer floats. Oh yeah, the good stuff.

Here's to my fellow foodies out there-Cheers!!!



Happy Birthday, America.

The 4th of July is my favorite summer holiday! For our family that usually means our weekend is full of barbecue and all things red, white & blue. This year we  visited a ton of friends and family and even drove to Nashville for a day. I think this is the best 4th I've had yet!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this holiday weekend!

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10 Months!

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We're in the double digits now--10 months old! Just two more months until London is one, and each month I still marvel at the time that has gone by. I love watching him grow, but I often wish we could go back in time to his itty bitty days and snuggle him just a little bit more. Does the world run in fast-forward mode when you become a parent? It certainly feels like it.

London is quite the grown little fella, with quite the grown little personality. Who knew a 10 month old could be so sure about who he is, what he likes, and what he dislikes. Communication through sign language has definitely made each fast-approaching phase a rather seamless transition. He is extremely vocal about his meals. He must have his Cheerios in the morning, often accompanied by a bowl of oatmeal, and a fruit of his choice. After breakfast, he enjoys playing on the piano, going for walks around the neighborhood, reading with Jordan, petting Otis, tossing his basketball back and forth, and wrestling with Lew.

The greatest joy of his new found autonomy is that he crawls toward his preferred activity and we all just fall in line behind the young sir. Of course, with his now fluid mobility, their is much mischief to manage in the Lampley household- cupboards and pantries to secure (flour all over his floor), window treatments to consider (drapes turned into a hideout from mommy), stairs to distract him from (he'll wait for the most opportune time to make a break for them), windows to obstruct (this kid's a banger).

All in all, life gets more interesting with every turn of the page. That youth that has been restored from his consistent all night slumbers is definitely needed during each waking moment, each and every day.



Dear Summer...

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Yay, Summer!??

As the final days of the school year screeched slowly to a halt, we were all extremely excited for a break (but not really), and these first few weeks of summer have not disappointed. Having two incredibly active boys home for the summer months requires careful and pristine planning, an abundance of engaging activities, creative scheduling, a defiant kind of discipline, and prayer. Lots and lots of prayer. Enter "Camp Lamp" (Atl Edition).

The boys have benefited heavily from our strict regiment. London sleeps from 6 pm to 7am (youth, finally has returned). He exhausts so much energy chasing after his big brother. Jordan sets a furious pace with his myriad of activities. His workouts with Lew are lengthy and intense; spanning across four different sports (football, soccer, basketball and track). His academic schedule here at the Camp are advanced as usual. And he is continuing to excel in his study of music. (We have just a smidge of Tiger Mom in us).

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This past weekend Jordan played in his second piano recital. In an effort to challenge and coax his young mind past previous limitations, we charged Mr. Jordan with the task of learning, memorizing, and playing for a crowd, a very meticulous classical piece of music- The Skater's Waltz. As in his first recital, Jordan was extremely nervous until just moments before he was to take center stage. The calm. He played so magnificently, and with such confidence. His little fingers danced back and forth over the keys as he held in a huge smile that finally overcame him as he played his final chord. We couldn't be prouder parents!

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(Sweet treat for the man of the hour)

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